MY 5 SUMMER ESSENTIALS (fashion & beauty)

MY 5 SUMMER  ESSENTIALS (fashion & beauty)


Summer is finally here and so is my love for summer dresses and flowers of course!. I hope you continue to read my blogs and my goal is to do one blog post a week for you. . In todays post I’m sharing with you my 5 Summer Favourites! . All these items I use on a everyday basis, and I’m so excited to share them with you. Summer is a great time to try something new, meet new people, try new fashions and check out new restaurants. This dress below is one of my summer favourites, the colours of flowers are just like a fresh garden and the fabric keeps me cool while being oh so stylish. Lately I am stepping out of my comfort zone and really setting a priority for myself to try something new! What are you doing this summer that excites you? Tell you what, drop me a line tell me what’s new with you and COMMENT DOWN BELOW YOUR SUMMER ESSENTIALS AT THE BOTTOM. I’d really love to hear from my readers this summer!



So last week I picked up my first pair of platform sandals from Steve Madden. I saw this trend last year, but for some reason I never gravitated towards this style of shoe. Super comfortable and stylish. I think that Spain made this type of Platform popular, they always have great shoes and sandals.

The soft leather straps are really comfortable. They come in many colours and fabrics too. I really like the wedge platform and the ankle strap it makes my legs look so long and really in fashion. I think this type of summer shoe will never go out of style, it’s great with shorts, skirts, jeans and sun dresses so very easy to wear with your outfits and affordable. Have fun picking out some sandals

But now that I am officially converted to platform sandals, I can’t go back to regular ones.


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I have seen these bags EVERYWHERE this year. When they first came out they were so expensive, and I couldn’t justify spending that much money on a beach bag. But I went on Amazon and found the same bag with half the price. These bags are so cute, and they literally go with any outfit I wear. I highly recommend getting one. Very durable and you don’t have to wear them to the beach either. I wear this bag with all my everyday outfits, but the bags gives it a summer vibe!

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I have been obsessed with gemstone rings. I wear them everyday. For some reason they make me feel so happy and calm when looking at my rings.

There is a smile on my face when the rings are reasonable and I can pair them with my other jewellery. So many colour options and stone options to decide from, what do you think you will choose? What is your favourite ring here? I personally love them all I can’t even decide. I’d wear them with everything!

WHERE TO FIND THESE RINGS: all of my rings I find at small vendors. Usually you can find them at festivals or fairs.





This product has changed my makeup routine forever. I have been testing so many different brands of liquid lips and none of them had the formula I wanted.

I can’t stress enough how much I’m in love with the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit. Seriously -if you haven’t tried it, your missing out. They last most of the day and provide great pigment colours, I just love them and have most of my friends and family hooked on these lip kits. What will your favourite colour be?

the colour im wearing is CANDY K by Kylie Cosmetics

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Vitamin C face oil is something that I discovered a few months ago. My skin has discolouration and it always bothered me. I tried so many different products and none of them did anything. Until I found vitamin C, literally within 2 days I saw results in my skin. It was brighter, smoother, and even skin tone. I’ve been using it for a while now and I can’t live without this treatment. Test it out for yourself and make sure you take time for self care and self love - day and night

Your Skin Will Thank You!


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Thanks for reading my blog post. COMMENT DOWN BELOW your summer essentials because I love discovering new products.